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Great things happened eight accident Breast

Poet cloud, breast is "the fountain of life" and "The Wizard of beauty and love."

2nd century BC in ancient Greece, Venus God openly displayed full symmetry of the breasts of female charm. Also scholars of ancient China with "subtle blue chest, Shu Yun early pepper, creamy subtle fragrance, Ying Ying purple medicine, first wall Lotus Room" of the words to express the praise of the breast.

Breast is the world's most beautiful mountain, a woman's secret, a woman proud of her as quietly as flowers blooming, beautiful and silent. But the proliferation of cysts and even more abhorrent cancer, in the desecration of her beauty!

Who says beauty can not be the fate of their own hands?

Come on, come on, come together, work together tomorrow for the breast!

Read article breasts - breast health and beauty secret language

Healthy breasts are beautiful and sexy. However, when it appeared unexplained itching, disappeared the mass with unexplained discharge, you should guard or ignored?

Now, let us reveal the mystery of the breast, breast read the events ... ...

Event 1: breast pain

"My breasts checked without any problems, but why will it hurt?" A very concerned about their breast health, women wrote a letter so. So, breast pain is a breast complaint say to you? Together to hear it.

1. Do not worry about problem

Puberty breast pain usually occurs in 9 to 13 years old. MM then began to develop breasts, slight pain.

Pain relief key: after menarche, breast development and maturation, the pain will go away.

Premenstrual breast pain and a number of adult women in the period beginning three days of pain, about 5 days after the end of the period will reduce the pain, which is due by the former increased estrogen levels, breast tissue edema caused between.

Pain relief key: menstrual pain will go away, do not take drugs; if the pain was, under the guidance of a doctor can take the drug.

Breast pain in some women during pregnancy in about 40 days pregnant with baby will be generated as breast tenderness breast hyperplasia.

Pain relief key: do not need treatment.

Postpartum breast pain after birth in babies 3 to 7 days, your breast pain may occur. This is due to post-partum milk filling, the internal organization of breast edema, breast ductal patency lead.

Pain relief key: The best solution is to breastfeed your baby. There sclerosis prior to breastfeeding when hot towel and massage sclerosis; also be used to attract breast pump breast milk to promote ductal patency.

Breast pain after abortion as a sudden interruption of pregnancy, female hormones dramatically drop, to just suddenly stop the growth of breast development, so the pain will occur.

Pain relief key: uneasy? Not necessary, when the body's hormone levels gradually return to normal, the pain will disappear.

Breast tenderness after sex sex life sexual desire indifference or discord, because not achieve sexual satisfaction, breast, and breast tenderness continued congestion.

Pain relief key: husband wife sex life can be carried out before the love, hard to reach orgasm; in sex after the massage on the breast properly or hot to relieve pain and discomfort of the breast.

2. Note that the problem

If the breasts suddenly hurt and feel more pain; look red; sense of what, The warm; it is likely to breast inflammation. If it is mothers who are breastfeeding, they should pay attention.

If the pain associated with breast lumps, and "Da Yima" relevant, by the former began to pain can be alleviated or disappeared by the later, then it may be hyperplasia of the breast.

If the period after the end of the week is still in great pain, more pain and more for a long time, may be cysts or fibrous cartilage between the ribs and sternum arthritis.

3. Breast cancer & breast pain

= Breast cancer, breast pain? Not! 85% of breast pain and breast cancer has nothing to do! Because of pain caused by cancer itself seldom.

Event 2: breast lumps

Your two small peaks to be "hill" occupation? Heart surprised, nothing would happen, right?

1. Do not worry about problem

Is not caught or pinched breasts? Is not the normal breast tissue as a mass of errors?

2. Note that the problem

Breast inflammation have been spoken to it!

Hyperplasia of mammary glands do not say it, this is also spoken.

Fibrocystic lump feels like lips, quite soft and fluid with a needle aspiration, the mass can disappear.

Hurt does not itch "small lump" Well, do not bother you? Wrong! Hurt the tumor early symptoms of breast cancer, mostly female friends can not be taken lightly.

3. Age & mass

Before the age of 30, mostly benign fibroadenoma tumor or cyst. 30 to 50 years old, usually fibrous cyst or breast cancer. Occurs after menopause, breast cancer tumor is more.

Event 3: nipple "tears"

Nipple "crying" and see what makes her at the "Golden Peas" - the

1. Do not worry about problem

Lactation, Oh, we all know.

2. Note that the problem

If the "tears" like water or milk, mostly due to higher prolactin caused by prolactin found in gonadal tumor or hyperprolactinemia.

If the "tears" slightly yellowed, the multi-fiber duct cyst or relaxation, and a few are caused by medication.

If the "tears" as the blood or brown, it may be ... ... "cancer?"

Who said that! You know? About 95% of the "Golden Peas" non-caused cancer, such as benign fibrous cysts, papillomas, which are benign and rarely malignant; only 5% of cancer-related, formal treatment as long as you can.

Tip: As long as the nipple, "tears", in addition to feeding your baby happy "cry", the others are examples of not normal, your doctor look at it.

Event 4: Nipple itch

1. Do not worry about problem

Dry weather or excessive use of soap and clean, properly clean the breast can be;

Underwear friction. Recommended to wear a bra without sutures, or put a soft pad inside the bra.

2. Note that the problem

Orally taken terbinafine combined or replaced after two weeks, still not entirely comfortable with a good bra, must find a doctor to see!

Event 5: The inverted nipple inherited grandmother

20-year-old Kobayashi looks pure and lovely, but recently she has been depressed since she discovered a big secret: her nipples are long to the inside! Secretly watching her mother and grandmother's breasts, as is also the case, and hanging heart finally fell off, but then hears someone say concave nipple is very normal, fell to the heart of floating up again ... ...

1. Do not worry about problem

If the mother or the mother's generation have inverted nipple, and the next generation is also possible, is genetic, do not worry too much.

Adolescent bra properly, too small or too tight, and very easily lead to nipple retraction.

2. Note that the problem

Had a sudden retraction of normal breast, there is liquid overflow, feeling the lump also may be signs of breast cancer, this time, you should go to the hospital quickly.

Tip: If the nipple is only slightly dented, light hand pull, areola muscle contraction about the bulge, this will not cause illness. If too much depression, depression special attention to clean, so due to accumulation of soap, secretions or dirt caused by infection. Bath, can be a small cotton swab dipped water, gently rotating cleaning cavities.

Event 6: Furu

Furu What is this? In front of some women's armpit, you can see small protuberances like nipples like, and some have a touch of color, this is the Furu. Some MM side there, while others are "both." Furu are three kinds of common appearance: one is a breast tissue, not the nipple; Article 2 there is a nipple without breast tissue, small nipple like a mole, some people spill milk when breastfeeding until only surprised to see that they Furu; No. 3 is also a breast nipple tissue, much like many a breast.

Countermeasures: Furu are common, normal, generally do not need removal.

There Furu, the probability of getting breast cancer is higher up? No matter! However, when women received mammograms, should be counted in. Furu.

Event 7: Breast asymmetry

1. Do not worry about the situation

Different estrogen sensitive. Strong side of the estrogen sensitivity of breast first development, will become full number; sensitivity of less than slow the growth side, look smaller. As the body gradually mature, will become more evenly on both sides of the breast.

Sleep will also appear biased towards one side of a long-term development of breast asymmetry.

2. Need to pay attention to the situation

Side of the breast injury, trauma, inflammation, cancer, will appear on both sides of breast asymmetry, should see the doctor.

Event 8: breasts too small

What breasts too small? Is currently no uniform standard. If the MM build thin or malnourished, less fat, the breast will be smaller. In general, the simple breast is too small is a normal physiological phenomenon, there is no prejudice to health, will not affect future marriage, childbirth and breastfeeding.

If it is caused by the disease, should first treat the disease. For the simple dysplasia, you can diet, massage, exercise and other treatment.

Remember that the diet + exercise = Science breast.

Breast care articles

What to eat? Principles: low fat high fiber.

Eat more beans, eggs, milk and other protein-rich food. Eat less salted, smoked, broiled, burned the coke, bad food. Do not binge eating, a partial eclipse.

Breasts food for example: soybean, pork skin, trotters, neat's foot, cow tendons, chicken wings, kelp (with soybean paste, tofu, radish, taro, fish balls, cooked food, etc.).

Lactation mastitis is also passed to?

"Doctor, I am in the end, exactly?" I first met the very fact that more than 40 years old, she cried in two years since his "experience." One day two years ago, Ms Cheung discovered accidentally left inside the areola the size of the mass emergence of a broad bean, has no care for superficial. Two weeks later, the mass rapidly increased to egg size, skin redness, but there is also a little orange peel-like depression, there have been little left armpit lump, a dull pain. Ms. Zhang rushed to a nearby hospital, the doctor examined the tumor of the breast, the view that "Breast Cancer" a great possibility, combined with axillary lymph node has been swelling, indicating serious condition, need for radical mastectomy. Very fact that suddenly terrified that she could not believe his got "ill." On the occasion of her despair, a further test results before surgery then came the "good news": pathological biopsy showed tumor is not cancer, breast inflammation may be. So, the doctor gave her intravenous antibiotics for some time, lump really reduced. Ms. Zhang was finally relieved. Can not long before disease appeared again, this has reduced the tumor has gradually increased, but rupture the pus, then re-use of antibiotics are not efficacious, and ulceration Department also how close I can not. Ms. Zhang doctor around, eventually finding a good several large hospitals, and some say that breast-TB, anti-TB treatment needs; some kind of change that breast orange peel skin, not only for reconstruction of breached blood and pus, and the axillary lymph nodes may be the last puncture in place, and still can not rule out the possibility of breast cancer ... ... the past two years, Ms. Zhang to treat spent a great deal of energy and money, and even lost his job, and I feel extremely depressed.

Understand the very fact that the condition, we carefully made for her, it was discovered in patients with left nipple retraction, nipple hole a small amount of powder residue discharge, the left one is about 4 cm medial mass × 5 cm, texture hard, the surface not only whole, the border less clear, there is an ulcerated mouth, there is pus and blood flowing out, the skin color dark red, orange peel-like change. Palpable left axillary lymph node swelling, and tenderness. According to inspection, our preliminary determination is very fact that suffering from mastitis.

"My kids have been 10 years old, how could I have mastitis?" Miss Zhang puzzled. Indeed, we usually know mastitis majority (90%) occurred in the post-natal breast-feeding, especially after the full moon in children with acute suppurative mastitis, which occurred in non-lactating mastitis full name "plasma cell mastitis ", which affects mainly due to papillary dysplasia, congenital deformity, depression, dirty and so lead to the nipple openings are blocked, breast duct obstruction. Ductal shortened by fibrosis, traction inverted nipples or nipple Erzhi make more retraction had inverted nipples. Local skin edema due to tumor adhesion and inflammation can be orange peel degeneration, both axillary lymph node swelling reaction. Resembles its clinical breast cancer, is often wrong with radical mastectomy. Also, because of plasma cell mastitis after recurrent left breast areola Department and the Department of fistula, delayed healing, easy to become confused with tuberculosis.

As a non-plasma cell mastitis bacterial inflammation, so the use of antibiotics ineffective. Traditional treatment of this disease are mainly surgery, especially for late fistula has formed ulcer cases, Western medicine or section by simple mastectomy surgery, Chinese medicine, is targeted at patients with different situations by open debridement method, hanging line method, delay line method, removal of surgical instruments rot myogenic law, and with the Oral Traditional heat, and business trust drug Endometriosis Chinese medicine. Chinese combination therapy with less tissue damage, pain, recurrence rate after the more advantages can be essential to maintain breast shape. Very fact that more than a month of intensive treatment, eventually recovered.

Ms. Zhang to cure the disease and was very pleased, but at the same time take up for his heart to her daughter, and her daughter, like the original, but also congenital nipple inversion. Since the occurrence of plasma cell mastitis is closely related with the inverted nipple, then her daughter can do? Infants and young children if the child was found inside inverted nipple reduction, the mother should be promptly pull with your fingers or needle aspiration of negative and other methods to pull out the baby nipple, but action should be gentle, and pay attention to cleaning and disinfection. If in infancy did not pull out the nipple, it may not yet shaped at puberty when breast development, the implementation of the nipple to the regular hospital orthopedic surgery, so that the nipple back to normal. As for the breast development has basically shaped the adult female, poor ductal bend, then re-nipple effect of orthopedic surgery is not very satisfactory. Secondly, women should always pay attention, especially in puberty nipple clean, when the powder residue inside the nipple discharge, should be regularly wiped with alcohol cotton balls or saline.

In recent years, plasma cell mastitis misdiagnosed as breast cancer, breast impose inappropriate treatment of TB and cases have occurred. Plasma cell mastitis has the following characteristics: ① The onset is not breastfeeding or pregnancy, more common in over 30 non-lactating women or postmenopausal women. ② majority of patients with congenital inverted nipple or a linear depression deformity, nipple hole often smell like powder residue or grease-like substance discharge solution; ③ mass began in the Department of the areola. ④ acute onset of sharp, areola swelling to a quadrant of the Department of stretching, the formation of irregular hard mass, but less severe systemic symptoms, body temperature is not high. After the abscess wound often recurrent ulceration, pus, and form leading to the nipple openings of the fistula, fistula into the chronic phase. If we do not get a positive rational treatment, a tumor of the breast can be extended from one quadrant to quadrant 23, the breast deformation damage on the more serious.

The improper post-natal massage milk induced breast disease

Recently, Ms. Lee at home near the hospital, the third day after cesarean section to her daughter, a woman entered the room, claiming to knead milk division, about Miss Li milk secretion, and asked whether knead milk.

Ms. Lee felt little milk, they agreed to knead milk. Rub rub milk division attached to her for three days, once a day. Normal sweating hard look at massage to knead milk, Ms. Lee and her family are happy. May be a few days later, Ms. Lee felt a sudden burning sensation in the breast. After examination, she suffered from mastitis. Medical diagnosis, is caused by improper knead milk.

Obstetrics and gynecology doctor introduced by kneading the breast milk of mothers rubbing really bad lot. After giving many mothers have had the experience of rubbing milk.

Promote lactation division, rubbing milk division, quietly rising in recent years over, almost in the hospital after production, there will be rubbing milk division visit. Please rub some maternal milk division, and some home for the elderly or mothers to love their massage to knead milk. Breast care and lack of knowledge of knowledge, often because of too much force to the breasts hurt.

Knead milk prolactin have a scientific basis? Ha Yida Wang Yanli subsidiary of the five branches of Obstetrics and Gynecology Director, said that stimulate the secretion of milk, knead milk civil claim, the actual named breast care. Postpartum breast care can not be done indiscriminately, must be specially trained staff can do.

Some breast tenderness occur postpartum situation, it is breast the block, not smooth, causing siltation caused by the milk. This maternal, need professional staff to carry out breast care, that is to gently massage along the tube breast, where breast milk by rubbing through siltation. Ductal patency, and milk will naturally flow out smoothly.

Breast deposition, where breast plug, folk called "milk-core." Some rural women, knowledge of breast care did not understand that as long as rubbing with a hammer, will be able to "milk the nuclear" rub open.

In fact, the breast is a very finicky place. Nursing knowledge and understanding of the breast, no formal training who can not master the techniques of light and heavy, with very fresh and more violent compression of the breast. Extrusion violence, not only deposition of breast milk can not be opened, control, communications, but also to make milk more serious siltation, causing mastitis.

In addition, maternal chapped nipple occurs, if the massage were unsanitary, will greatly increase the chance of infection, bacteria from the nipple into the breast tissue Department, which lead to mastitis.

Wang Yanli reminded, milk secretion, and the human nervous system has a lot, help to stimulate milk secretion. Such as maternal post-production, it should have skin contact with the baby, such as stickers affixed to the face, or when the mother can sit, hug your baby, increase feelings of mother and child, these are all mothers is a stimulus. In addition, the natural production of maternal, half an hour later you can let your baby sucking the nipple. Cesarean section after anesthesia, awake, the baby should be hungry every time, let the baby suck the nipple. Baby sucking stimulus, can speed up the milk.

In addition, nutrition, mood of the milk secretion is also greatly affected. Some maternal postpartum depression, mood, affect the secretion of milk. Eat less, a partial eclipse, is not conducive to lower milk. Therefore, post-natal to strengthen nutrition, such as drink ribs soup, pig knuckles soybean soup, chicken soup company (Do not drink the mother chicken soup, chicken soup has returned to milk the mother role), Ukraine chicken soup, fish soup and other soups, can speed up the milk secretion .

After the above conditioning, if the milk is still very small, can be under the guidance of a doctor, taking some of the medicine through milk.

If a mother breast tenderness not obvious, not the milk, siltation, there is no need to knead milk, gently massage can be themselves. If you have severe breast pain, also should be invited to the hospital breast care nurses and other professionals.

General natural production of maternal milk under after two days, then with the nutritional enhancement of milk secretion will be more and more. Cesarean section in the next three days will start after the milk, as can be normal after eating, nutrition, increase, more and more milk.

Maternal nipple, mostly caused by incorrect feeding position, should be under the guidance of medical staff, nursing and timely adjustment of postures. Inverted nipple problems in early pregnancy should be corrected under the guidance of a doctor. If the correct late, ineffective.

Undue susceptibility to acute mastitis breastfeeding law

Each feeds the milk, the baby's eyes with a bright clear look at their own, becoming a mother of Debbie (a pseudonym) heart full of happiness, contented. But one day, Debbie suddenly found the breast has a lump the size of eggs, then gradually increased, and there is pain, swollen feeling. She was examined by experts, the diagnosis of acute mastitis.

◎ long the child sucking nipple, nipple easy to inflammation

Experts say acute mastitis usually occurs in breast-feeding, mostly due to improper feeding, poor lead to milk the milk discharge deposition, when combined with infection due to breastfeeding. Professor Guo Yufei to remind the young mother, to learn the correct method of feeding, while paying attention to breast health, this will avoid the occurrence of acute mastitis, but also conducive to the healthy growth of babies.

Breastfeeding should pay attention to the following areas:

First of all, to maintain the correct breastfeeding position. Nursing position generally taken seat, upper body naturally erect, both for the smooth discharge milk is also beneficial to the baby swallow milk. Bed nursing undesirable.

Second, we must master the feeding time, usually about every 15 minutes. Some mothers in order to coax a child, a feed 12 hours, this is a bad habit. From the child's perspective, the baby's stomach capacity is small, Eat small meals benefit the child's digestion and absorption; from the mother's point of view, prolonged breast feeding is not conducive to health, because healthy children have bacteria in the mouth (bacteria the type and quantity in the normal range), the nipple and children exposed to bacteria in the saliva of the environment, it is easy to inflammation. Therefore, to prevent a child develop the habit of long Qin Zhao nipple. Let the children go to bed mouths nipple is also a bad habit, it is detrimental to the child to swallow the milk, which does not help mothers breast health.

Finally, to master certain skills. Sometimes a nurse has more than 15 minutes, the children still ate with relish reluctant to let go, then do not forcibly pull the nipple, the breast to the child can use the direction of the nose block wall, or pinching your child's nose, mouth breathing children when it will release the nipple, or the finger can be washed into the child's mouth, finger sucking in children nipple removed. If the milk volume, baby eat, breasts and swollen due to accumulation of milk, you can squeeze past, but also allows other children to eat. Do not squeeze the breast milk, only to squeeze the areola on the line. Because breast milk secreted after the discharge from the breast ducts, stored in the areola following lactiferous ampulla, the child suck the nipple is caused by stimulating lactation response, squeeze the nipple areola suck achieved.

◎ milk product arranged two days later did not practice exclusive breast hard to effective

If you do not care suffering from acute mastitis do not be afraid, there will be all right as long as timely treatment. The initial presentation of acute mastitis of breast lumps, generally the size of eggs or table tennis. Then just need to practice exclusive breast, sticking medicine can make arrangements milk smooth, remove lumps. Row plot in time when breast milk, milk product lumps if not more than two days arranged to conduct, very difficult to practice exclusive breast. If not treated early, serious siltation milk, breast pain may also occur, mass increases, with the development of the disease may also be chills, fever, purulent breast lumps and other symptoms.

In addition to practices outside the row of milk, medicine sticking, differentiation would be better to take him for the medical treatment. Means row milk requires skills and experience, the best specialists please; condition simply inferior to the lighter, you can let family members under the guidance of specialists.

Post-natal massage sedimentation control mastitis milk

Maternal prevention of acute mastitis milk is the key to avoid siltation and prevent nipple damage, keeping the skin clean breast. Breast-feeding to feeding time, do not let baby sleep with milk, milk with a breast pump when excessive exhaustion, and timely treatment of infant oral inflammation. If preventive measures, acute mastitis, should early aggressive treatment, local treatment or systemic treatment may be light to not stop breastfeeding, serious consideration should stop breastfeeding.


1, milk silt deposition in the breast milk will decompose, thus the growth of bacteria provided the ideal conditions for breeding. The major causes of siltation caused by the milk -

(1) maternal breast-feeding posture, feeding, fewer, or the development of the small nipple, nipple retraction, or emotionally unstable mother, rest well and other factors, maternal milk in breastfeeding can not be completely drained.

(2) early maternal milk contains exfoliated epithelial cells more prone to duct obstruction, resulting in the milk can not be properly discharged.

2, invasive bacterial infections are the following two ways -

(1) The occurrence of maternal nipple damage, cracked, bacteria can invade from the rip Department, along lymphatic spread to the fat, connective tissue and so cause an infection.

(2) the existence of baby nasopharyngeal bacteria, such as infants stomatitis, rhinitis, etc., mothers breast-feeding, the bacteria along the invasive lobular duct, causing breast infection.

Prevention and nursed back to health

1. Antenatal used towels, soap, scrubbing the nipple and use of the thumb and index finger pull the nipple pinching, the skin becomes tough.

2, breast-feeding should be kept clean nipple for each feeds the milk to make milk suction should be empty. If smoking is not empty or milk swelling sense of hand to squeeze or use a breast pump emptying.

3. Lactating Jianshui with 30 grams of Semen Citri Reticulatae service, prevent milk stasis.

4. Papilla who are smoking break. . Should be treated in time.

5. To stop breastfeeding during illness, light diet and feel happy.

Mastitis prevention and control simple massage

Massage treatment of mastitis pushing ask France: The patients were sitting or lateral position, fully exposed breasts. First had breast sprinkled some talcum powder or coated with a little paraffin oil, and then his hands full charge of the breast around the nipple along the direction of ductal gently pushed to ask 50 to 100 times.

Treatment of mastitis kneading massage pressure method: the palms on the hypothenar or thenar focus on the affected area, swelling and pain in the Department to impose, slightly practices have lumps where repeated rubbing pressure several times, until soft lumps up.

Treatment of mastitis massage rub, pinch, take law: to focus on the right hand fingers, grabbed the Department of ipsilateral breast, kneading techniques to impose a focus on one song, repeated the treatments of 10 to 15 times. Nipple pulling his left hand gently moving several times to expand the input duct papilla.

Massage treatment of mastitis oscillation: the Ministry of right hypothenar focus, from the breast swollen knot Office, along the milk to the nipple the direction of the root for high-speed oscillation, push, repeated 3 to 5 times. Locally there are micro-thermal, the effect is better.

Numerous benefits of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding should be combined with maternal and child health

Professor of Pediatrics at China Medical University, PhD supervisor, relating to the new life - Advocating Breastfeeding Action Group members Ke-Lun Wei stressed that breastfeeding is the best way of feeding infants. But should also be closely linked to maternal and child health status of the actual choice. Recently published by the Chinese Medical Association enteral parenteral nutrition branch of Pediatrics Collaborative Group, Surgery Branch of neonatal group, pediatric branch of neonatal group co-founded the professional school, "Clinical application of neonatal nutrition support guidelines," indications of breastfeeding are clearly defined and Infectious Diseases. Suspected or diagnosed as galactosemia, infants, mothers with active tuberculosis, HIV virus, CMV infection or are receiving radiation isotopes (milk containing radioactive substances), anti-metabolic drugs, and the mother is drug addiction, alcoholism, etc. , breast-feeding should be strictly limited. Hepatitis virus carriers for the mother also recommended to avoid breastfeeding.

Prevention and treatment of abnormal puerperal

Postpartum maternal recovery from childbirth or near the end of the normal state of the stage is not pregnant, it generally takes six weeks. Puerperal infection, late postpartum hemorrhage, puerperal mastitis is a common disease. In addition, there will be postpartum urinary retention, constipation, nipple and other abnormalities. Note genital cleansing after childbirth, and puerperium in late pregnancy to prevent bath and sexual life, can prevent puerperal infection.

Late postpartum hemorrhage. Changbiaoxianwei lochia without a net, repeated or sudden vaginal bleeding, usually caused by residual placenta, uterine infection, uterine incision healing due. Once these symptoms occur, positive doctor was a wise choice.

Resistance may be due to decreased maternal, breast milk or nipple discharge poor infection caused acute mastitis. You should stop breast-feeding, and to deposit in the breast milk of suction, and anti-inflammatory treatment, drainage and when necessary, cut the breast. To keep the nipple clean, the milk flow, and normal breast-feeding method, you can prevent the occurrence of acute mastitis, also to avoid the nipple.

For the prevention of postpartum urinary retention, should be encouraged to maternal urine as early as possible, and dysuria, shall be encouraged to sit maternal urine, or rinse with warm water around the mouth induced urethral urination, hot-water bottle can also be placed on the middle lower abdomen, stimulate the bladder muscle contraction. Eat more vegetables and getting out of bed early, can prevent constipation.

Maternal and neonatal postpartum recovery phase starting an independent life, wish you a healthy, happy to spend the puerperium.

Notes on wearing a bra

Many women just when the mother developed since the early years when the bra properly selected, can lead to breast feed when no milk. Experts cautioned that the development of adolescent girls choose the bra is very important.

Bra street stalls "casually" shall not

Deep from the mountains to wage a small Weidui Wen girls chest poorly understood. Adult female in her hometown are bra's. Still growing, she do not know how to choose when to buy bras, they can not try, plus 10 yuan 3 seek cheaper, also bought. Wear them as much too tight for some time, Little Weighton breasts feel uncomfortable. The inspection found that the breast nodules. According to the doctor that long-term use like her tight bra, not only affected by local blood circulation, but also make the breast and surrounding tissues and organs that barriers to the development, Ru grow fibroids, breast deformity, nipple flat, rough invagination and so on.

Miss Wan ago to pick her bra always "casually buy Dai Dai", focusing only on their appearance, very little attention to quality in materials. Results, such as Miss Wan became a grandmother, I discovered that the production needs of breast-feeding daughter after the emergence of breast blocked and can not breast-feeding. Medical analysis, said poor capillary fiber chemical fiber material of the bra a lot of friction will plug directly with the breast breast, causing the milk deposit. Also because of severe inflammation of the gland, the patient required surgical drainage and high fever and pain.

It should pay attention to what bra to wear?

Bra can not be too tight nor too loose. When we sleep at night, take off bra to ensure smooth sleep breathing, blood circulation. Some girls mature with breast volume after the still small, use very loose not even wearing a bra bra, this will cause the breasts to lose backing, easy to cause sagging or deformation. If you do wear a bra due to improper because of inverted nipple, should be bold and correct to the hospital for consultation, so as not to influence the future development of life after shaping.

And how the developing girls do wear bras?

An industry source said: "The current market has a very detailed bra, for different ages, body types of women to design different styles of underwear. But the shape of the bra, especially steel ring, and is not suitable for those in the developmental stages of female children, they only need to wear vests around on it. "

According to reports, common vest is a graphic design, will suppress the development of breasts. However, due to the addition of a vest around the tube protruding to form the curvature of space can stretch, it is suitable for the needs of adolescent breast development. During exercise, the girls can choose girl-type bras.

In fabrics, chemical fiber should be chosen high-quality flexible fabric. Because of poor recovery of natural fibers, will gradually harden in the wash. In color, the color pink and white girl is more suitable for use, wear school uniforms is not visually obvious when the prominent chest, to avoid feeling embarrassed.